What is USRecalls.org?
Recall.org is your source for information on the latest recalls reported to and by six federal agencies. We believe that buy staying informed you keep you and your family safe.

How does USRecalls.org get its information?
Our team checks all six federal sites daily to ensure that we are providing the most up to date information and reporting new recalls as they occur.

What sources are used for the information found on recalls .org?

How often do recalls occur?
Despite manufacturers commitment to compliance and safe practices product recalls happen often. Each day federal agencies receive and investigate reports or defective and harmful products. Once a product is deemed unsafe the recall is issued.

How often do you update the recalls on your site?
Recalls are updated on a daily basis

What is a recall number?
This is the number assigned to the recall by the federal agency handing the investigation and enforcement of the recall. When referencing a recall you will want to have this number available.

What do I do if I have an item that has been recalled?
Each recall will have information o how that recall is being handled and what you as a consumer need to do. In some cases you will need to stop use of the product immediately, in others you may need to have the item checked or fixed.

What is a class action Lawsuit?
Class action lawsuits are cases with one representative or a group of representatives who act on the behalf of many victims who have suffered in a similar way. All the claims are combined and the outcome of the case will provide compensation for all the people who suffered harm.

What do I do if a recalled product injured or harmed me or a family member?
Manufacturers can be held liable if a product defect caused harm, injury or death when the item was used as intended. You and your family may be entitled to compensation. Click here for more information.

How can I stay informed about recalls?
Sign up for the USRecalls.org alerts

What are USRecalls.org alerts?
Sign up for alerts in the categories that matter most to you and your family. If a recall in that category occurs we will send you an alert email about the recall, its hazards, and what you need to do next. This is the best way to get to the minute information about recalls as they occur.

How can I report a suspected defective or harmful product?
Each federal agency that handles recalls has their own way for consumers to report defective or harmful products. You can visit the government site directly and report the issue.

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