Gemini Power Adaptor/Chargers

Recall Number: #14228
Date Published: July 09, 2014
Manufacturer: Gemini



Summary by

Gemini Manufacturing Inc. has issued a recall of the adaptor/charger because the charger/adapter gets overheated and can cause a burn when touched,

CPSC Official Description

The recalled adaptor/chargers are used to charge cell phones and other electronic products and have model number ADCP3-1000 imprinted on the plug side of the adaptor. They are plastic cubes about 1” to 1 ¼” on one side with two prongs for plugging into an electrical outlet and a USB port on the other. Recalled chargers come in five different colors: black, blue, green, red and white.

Products Affected

Gemini Power Adaptor/Chargers Model number ADCP3-1000

What do I do next?

If you have one of the adaptors that was distributed for free as a promotional giveaway, you are advised to the throw the unit away.